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Gaffers Tape, Black Matte Cloth, 1.88-In. x 54.6-Yd.

SKU 444965

48mm x 50 m, black, premium matte cloth gaffers tape, 11 mil, matte finish vinyl coated cloth tape with good adhesion, high tensile strength, conformability, uv resistant, water resistant, adhesive transfer resistance & easy tear, used in entertainment industry where light reflection is a concern, typically used at room temperature, but will function up to 200 degrees, for up to 1 hour, for best performance, use this product within 1 year from date of manufacture, holding cords in place on sets for the entertainment industry, reduces light reflection, general sealing & holding, waterproofing & protecting, useful as a protective tape for shot peening, bead blasting & general protection from abrasion.